Picture this: you are planning to enhance your property with a beautiful new fence, and you want it to be more than just a standard installation. That’s where our family-owned fence company, Fence Pro by Bruno, comes in! Our business is built on the foundation of our family values and a commitment to excellence. 

By choosing a family-owned fence company, you are investing not only in a high-quality product but also in a personalized experience that goes beyond standard business transactions. Let’s uncover the advantages of shopping at a family-owned fence company and how it can transform your next Wayne, NJ fencing project into something truly exceptional.

Why Should You Choose a Family-Owned Fence Business? 

In today’s world, we have virtually the entire world at our fingertips with smartphones; never before has it been so easy to access information on demand. As we continue to benefit from the marvels of modern technology, our world has become increasingly impersonal, and purchasing goods and services from mega-corporations has become the norm. 


At a family-owned business, all of the products and services you receive have a uniquely personal touch; you can support them, knowing that the family behind the company has a vested interest in providing fantastic customer service. Our co-owners, Maria and Bruno, are committed to creating beautiful fences and providing fantastic customer service each and every day to the Wayne, NJ area. At Fence Pro by Bruno, we care about our customers because running a successful business means your family gets to enjoy a safe, beautiful outdoor environment, and we can support ours.

Family-Owned Business Benefits From One of the Top-Rated Fence Companies in New Jersey

Creating a Sense of Community in Wayne, New Jersey

Unlike large corporations, when you support a family-owned fence company, you are investing in more than just a business transaction—you are fostering a connection with your community. Just like many other family-owned companies, we have a backstory and love sharing it to form relationships with our community. We hope that by sharing our story, you can develop a sense of trust in our business and craftsmanship. 


A good fence is about far more than strong materials. Strong fences are built by family business owners who go above and beyond with customers, care about their reputation, and trust and collaboration. When you work with Fence Pro by Bruno, you get all of that and the skill that comes with being one of the top-rated fence companies in New Jersey. 

Improved Customer Service from a Wayne, NJ Fence Company

As a family-owned business, our customers mean everything to us, and we know that their satisfaction is the key to our business. While owners of large corporations cannot care about all of their customers individually, we prioritize personal interactions with our customers to create the fence of their dreams. As a family-owned business, we have the time to break down the details of your fencing project and learn how we can make the best possible fence for your New Jersey home or business. 


On top of our individualized approach to fence installation, we offer a limited lifetime workmanship warranty on all of our fence installation projects. It’s challenging to talk to a customer service representative at large corporations, and their services are very rarely backed by a warranty. At our family-owned and operated business, we are committed to your satisfaction and are willing to back that up.

Dedication to Quality Service

When working with a large corporation, it can feel like your project is just another checkbox to be marked. In the fencing industry, this can look like delayed services, minimal communication, and cutting corners on installation day. 

At Fence Pro by Bruno, we know that every single one of our fence installations is a representation of our business as a family-owned company. That’s why Bruno Facundo, our owner, takes pride in being on-site during our Wayne, NJ fence installations to support his staff and work closely with customers.

Family-Owned Businesses Have a Greater Investment in Their Company

Family business owners have a vested interest not only in their customers but also in the success of their business as a whole. When you have built something from scratch, as Bruno and Maria have, there is a deep sense of care and responsibility that comes with that personal investment. 


This level of dedication is a significant advantage for customers. It means that owners are willing to put in extra effort and thoughtful consideration in all aspects of their operations. In fact, Bruno personally trains all of his employees in superior fence installation techniques to ensure that all of their customers have a fantastic finished fence. At the end of any Fence Pro by Bruno installation, the crew does a walkthrough with the customer to identify any areas of concern and make them right!

Work With the Best Wayne, NJ Fence Company

From personalized customer service to the genuine care and attention put into every project, family-owned businesses bring a unique touch to the fencing experience. When you work with Fence Pro by Bruno, you’ll receive a fantastic fence with amazing customer service for your New Jersey Property. So what are you waiting for? If you’d like to start exploring our fence materials and styles, check out our photo gallery to see some of our finished projects. 

Ready to Work With One of the Top-Rated Fence Companies in New Jersey?

If you are ready to get started on your next fencing project, reach out to us today. Whether you prefer the convenience of contacting us online or speaking to our team by phone at (973) 259-5354, our dedicated team is here to provide you with exceptional service and help you bring your vision to life. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and discover the difference that a family-owned fence company can make.