On those hot New Jersey summer days there is nothing better than jumping into a cool, refreshing backyard pool. Having a pool is a great way to keep your loved ones comfortable in the heat, but along with that it’s important that you keep them safe. If you already have a pool or are planning to have one installed, then it’s important to know about William’s Law, which requires residential pool owners to abide by regulations of swimming pool safety. In this article, Wayne, NJ fence company Fence Pro by Bruno answers some of the most common questions regarding pool safety, so that you can enjoy your outside swimming pool space without worry

Pool Safety Requirements in New Jersey are Saving Lives

William’s Law was enacted by the State of New Jersey in 2010 and requires New Jersey homeowners to take certain safety precautions with swimming pools, such as erecting fences and other safety barriers. 

Is a Wayne, NJ Pool Fence Required if I Already Have a Privacy Fence?

If you have a privacy fence around your yard, it will depend on a few important factors as to whether or not you will also need a pool fence. Let’s explore the requirements to determine if you need a pool barrier installed by a Wayne, NJ fence company in addition to your privacy fence.

What are the Requirements of a Pool Barrier or Fence?

According to the safety guidelines from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, pool barriers and fences should be a minimum of 5 feet tall and should surround all sides of a swimming pool. The house can act as one ‘side’ of the pool barrier, with the remaining sides surrounded by a privacy fence or other barrier. A variety of fence materials, brick walls, and removable pool fences in the Wayne, New Jersey area can all count as pool barriers as long as they are properly secured and at least 4 feet tall. 

Additional Tips for Making Your Pool Area Safe

Even though having a pool fence installed is an excellent start to improving pool safety, there are a few additional steps you can take to protect your children and the vulnerable in your social circle. Here are some quick tips:


  • Swimming Lessons – Water safety lessons can reduce the risk of accidental childhood drowning by 88%. Even children as young as 1-year-old can benefit from swimming lessons. When a young child is comfortable and learns how to be safe in the water, it can help prevent accidental drowning.
  • Get a Pool Cover – If your children can walk across the pool without falling in, that can be a potential lifesaver.
  • Restrict Access Without Adult Supervision – Constant, focused adult supervision when your child is in or near a pool or any body of water is vital. It only takes a second for something tragic to happen.

What’s Your Liability?

A very important piece of information to know is that you can be held liable for accidental injuries or death of others, if you do not follow the law on swimming pool safety.  Make sure to check with your homeowner’s insurance coverage carrier to make sure you are protected. In addition, if you’re trying to sell your home and the pool barrier doesn’t meet the safety standards it may delay the closing when a house inspection is performed.

Popular Wayne, NJ Pool Fence Options

Just because safety and security are your primary consideration when choosing a pool fence, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looks. There are a number of options for your fence, from materials, designs, and colors. There is no one better to help you make that decision than our professional team at Fence Pro by Bruno! Here are a few of the top choices in New Jersey:

Aluminum Pool Fencing

Aluminum is a very popular pool fence option for its classic elegance and low maintenance requirements. While it is not designed to be a privacy fence, it is both safe and secure. Aluminum fencing’s most attractive asset is the wide variety of styles, finishes, and accessories that are available.

Wood Pool Fencing

The natural look of wood makes it an attractive option for your pool fence. A wood fence not only provides a safe and secure area around your pool, but it also offers full privacy from those that live around you.  Since wood and water don’t do well together, you’ll need to seal and stain your fence regularly to protect it from the elements and repeated splashing from the pool. If you don’t want to put in the extra maintenance required then wood fencing may not be the best choice for you.

Vinyl Pool Fencing

A vinyl fence is an attractive and cost-effective way to add privacy, and security to your swimming pool area. A vinyl fence is nearly maintenance-free, doesn’t crack, fade or rot and will stand up against the constant splashing and soaking from the pool. Vinyl fence is also available in a variety of sizes and colors. 

Chain Link Pool Fencing

Another option for a Wayne, NJ pool fence is chain-link fencing. Homeowners that need a sturdy, economical option can benefit best from this material. Chain-link fencing is available in traditional galvanized steel and PVC-coated versions and can even be installed with colored slats through the openings to create a fence with more privacy. 


When a pool fence is installed by our experts at Wayne, NJ fence company, Fence Pro by Bruno it can last for years. Take a look at some of our past projects in our photo gallery, and read what our clients are saying on our testimonials page

Let Fence Pro by Bruno Help with Pool Safety Fences! 

If you are having a pool installed and want to make sure you meet the safety requirements for your pool fence, then Fence Pro by Bruno is here to help!  We’re a highly rated Wayne, NJ fence company and will ensure that you meet every requirement so you can keep your loved ones safe. From planning to installation we are here to help! 

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