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Wood fencing is a favorite among homeowners and business owners all across the New Jersey regions we serve. Customize your wood fence just to your liking for a beautiful accent and strong boundary.


The Benefits of Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is as familiar as apple pie and there are so many benefits to choosing the natural material of wood for your fence. Here are a few of the top reasons you'll love a wood fence at your New Jersey property.

Our Wood Fences are Affordable

Wood fencing is one of the most affordable types of fencing in New Jersey. Pricing can vary based on fluctuations in the lumber market and also due to the design and style of your particular fence, however, wood is known to be one of the most economical options out there. Wood fencing does require routine maintenance and possibly some repairs during the life of the fence so keep that in mind when deciding if a wood fence is right for your property.

Our Wood Fences are High Quality

Every wood fence we build is installed with expert techniques and with high-quality, professional materials. Our team of experts is trained in the most effective installation techniques to ensure your wood fence will stand strong for years to come!

Wood Fences are Beautiful

The natural beauty and charm of wood fencing in New Jersey is a quality that cannot be matched by other fencing materials. For a warm, natural feel and a great way to define property lines, try one of our styles in wood fencing.

Our Wood Fences are Durable

You need a strong fence that can withstand the variable and tough New Jersey climate. From springtime rains to winter's icy bite, you'll get a professionally installed, top-quality wood fence to give you a beautiful border to your home. Our installation techniques ensure that your wood fence is built for strength and durability.
About the Warranty for Wood Fence Service

At Fence Pro by Bruno, we take pride in offering the highest quality wood fence installation services. However, it is important for our customers to understand that wood is a natural material and, as such, is subject to deterioration over time due to environmental factors.

Important Note on Warranty:

  • Natural Deterioration: Wood may experience natural changes such as cracking, discoloration, warping, or decay due to exposure to the elements (rain, sun, humidity, etc.).
  • Warranty Exclusion: We do not offer any warranty for wood fences, including the natural deterioration of wood. This includes any changes or damage that occur as a result of these natural processes. While treated wood can offer greater resistance, it is still susceptible to these natural changes.

We recommend that our customers consider these factors carefully before choosing wood fences. If you have any questions or need more information on the proper maintenance and care of wood fences, please consult with our experts.

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Types of Wood Fencing

Wood fencing comes in many styles, including our most popular ones below.

Wood Fence Board on Board

By using board on board pickets, you get a solid and private look that is strong and durable.

Wood Fence Picket

A wood picket fence is one of the most traditional fences you can have. The perfect addition to your front yard or any other area you choose.

Wood Fence Stockade

Among the most traditional privacy fence styles, stockade fences can be found in many neighborhoods around the area.

Wood Fence Split Rail

A wood split rail fence is an economical and attractive way of enclosing large spaces or marking the boundaries of your property.

Wood Fence Shadowbox

This design creates an attractive look on both sides of the fence, which is one of the best features of a wood shadowbox fence.

Wood Fence Horizontal

Horizontal wood fences are a beautiful variation on standard wood fencing styles. This style is a perfect pairing with modern style homes.

Wood Fencing Custom Top Finishes

Wood fencing has the ability to be customized into nearly any style you desire ... the versatility of wood fencing and the easy way it blends into whatever surrounding it is in, makes it a great choice for properties all across New Jersey.

Straight Top

Many homeowners in the Wayne, New Jersey area choose a straight top cut because it has such clean lines which is especially attractive for those looking for a simple, minimalistic aesthetic.

Cap and Trim

Adding a more finished look, this style of wood fencing adds a bit of something special and many of our customers in Wayne like the way cap and trim enhances their beautiful, new wood fence.

Convex Top

Whether you choose an open picket design or a solid wood privacy fence for your New Jersey property, a convex top cut is one option that looks great no matter the style.

Dog Ear Finish Top

As a standard top finish for wood privacy fences in New Jersey, the dog ear design adds a subtle flair but still keeps your fence simple and natural-looking.

Concave Top

With the opposite curve of the convex top cut, the concave top cut wood fencing in New Jersey is another style requested by our customers. It's all about what looks best to you and what appearance you like for your home or business.

Lattice Top

For additional visual interest, a lattice panel is a great option! It adds a feeling of openness to your fence design and can be added to just about any style of wood fence — just ask!

Custom Wood Gates

A well-built, sturdy gate is the centerpiece of any wood fence and will get extra attention as you enter and exit your property. Treat your wood gate like a beautiful accent to add an extra attractive feature to your wood fence.

Custom Wood Gate Features

  • We set our durable wood posts deep in concrete for maximum strength and durability
  • Our gate posts are made of heavy-duty wood to create the best stability
  • Every gate uses a super-strong cross-bracing technique which allows for hundreds of pounds of weight and wear
  • Our hardware latches and handles are made of sturdy, long-lasting exterior-grade materials
  • Our premium exterior-grade hinges provide a smooth swing and a strong, durable attachment to your wood fence

Straight Top
Convex Top
Lattice Top
Concave Top

Type of Wood Fence

Choose the type of wood you prefer for the right level of quality and price point for your new wood fence project!

Wood Fences

Pressure-treated wood is the most common economical, standard option for wood fences of all styles and sizes.

Wood Fences

If you're looking for a dense, stronger type of wood, cedar is the best option for you. Coming at a higher price point, it is also the higher quality of the wood options.

Eastern Wood Fence

If you're looking for distinctive creative styles and consistent quality wood fencing, look no further. Eastern Wood Fence brand wood fence products are skillfully hand crafted in our own factory with one of the fastest delivery rates in the nation

Wood Fence Videos

Tall Wood Privacy Stockade Fence
Check out this strong wood privacy fence we installed for a commercial property in West Milford, NJ!
Decorative Split Rail Fence in New Jersey
This wood split rail fence we built for our customers in Allendale, NJ is the perfect decorative border for their property.
Wood Shadowbox Privacy Fence with Picket Fence Accent
We love how this shadowbox privacy fence with a picket wood fence in front turned out for this happy customer in Nutley, New Jersey!
Split Rail Fence With Wire Mesh
We were able to give this happy customer in Ridgewood, NJ a beautiful property border with an open split rail fence with wire mesh to provide extra safety for their family.

Wood Fence FAQs

Get your wood fence questions answered!

For starters, wood fencing in New Jersey has a natural charm that other fencing materials just can't match. The natural, warm quality of wood shines through, and it's easy to incorporate a wood fence into any property and make it look just right for the space.

Wood fences typically last up to 20 years when properly maintained and protected. Due to their natural material, wood fences can rot and warp, but when protected with high-quality paint or stain and routinely checked for problem areas, wood fences can last for decades and beautifully accent your property for many years. The lifespan of your wood fence can also be dependent on the type of wood your fence is made out of. Some types of wood are more dense and durable than others.

Wood fencing is a great option for many properties in the northern New Jersey area. The first step to finding out if wood fencing is right for you is to determine the main purpose of your fence and talk with our experts to find out what they would recommend. Wood fencing is often a beautiful accent to spaces needing privacy, curb appeal, defined borders, or some added security. It is one of the most customizable types of fences and is very versatile.

There are many wood fence styles that will give you the privacy you crave. Wood fences can be built in solid panels or semi-private designs based on your preferences and needs. You can even adjust the height of your fence and the shape of the picket tops.

Wood fences do require more maintenance than some other types of fencing, but when properly cared for, they have an unmatched beauty that makes the extra effort worthwhile. The longevity of your wood fence begins with the application of a high-quality stain or paint product and recoat every few years. We recommend that you check your fence now and then for any problem areas you may notice, like boards warping or cracking, and get the problem areas fixed right away. Regular upkeep will allow your wood fence to last longer.

Applying a protective stain or painting your wood fence is up to you, but we highly recommend it! Wood is a natural material that is prone to breaking down over time sooner than some other fencing materials so adding a protective, high-quality stain or paint will not only add to the beauty of your wood fence but it will protect it from the elements. If you would like more tips or information on staining your fence, please reach out to our fence experts anytime!

Examples of Our Wood Fences

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